Our Youth Theatre program helps give students the confidence to participate in all aspects of their lives, able to ask questions, seek answers and share information with others. All our classes are aimed at developing confidence, self-esteem, communication and creative talents. And it is great fun too! This term we focused on speech, improvisation, prop snippets and monologues. Our students were very busy with articulation, projection and forward placing – all aimed at improving speech. Small group improvisation exercises were done where the drama facilitator gave some dialogue to the groups and the students were then asked to complete the dialogue. The completed dialogue was then performed in class. The prop snippets were done by using props (a newspaper, a fish, a coffee mug and other) provided by the facilitator, and students added lines and performed the small “scenes” or snippets.

A real highlight this term was monologues where students were given a short piece written for one person on-stage, which they had to prepare in class and perform the next week.

Why don’t you join us and experience all of this first-hand?

Youth Theatre classes are on Tuesdays between 17:00 and 18:00.






Daar’s Drama
(en dis vir jou)

Dinsdae 17:00-18:00 by Laerskool Swellendam
Klasse fokus op die bou van selfvertroue, beter spraak, sosialisering en kreatiwiteit.
Koste: R350 per kwartaal
Kontak Jaques 0749037025  overberg@helenogrady.co.za

Vier van ons Swellies is vanjaar deel van die Helen O’Grady Dramagroep wat Dinsdae by die Laerskoolsaal oefen.
Hulle is: Jaden le Roux, Bianka Steenkamp, Lené Snyman en  Pieter Marais.  (Almal in Graad 8 B!! “the Best”)  Kyk uit vir hul produksies later vanjaar