We had a lovely term here at film club! We kicked off with a look at the role of music in film and got acquainted with some of the world’s most formidable film score composers and listened to their styles. We were then spoilt with a wonderful 2 hour session led by our very own composer: Braam du Toit! Braam is well-established in the film and TV circles in South Africa, but is also making name for himself abroad with his achievements: 2009 winner of the Monaco International Film Festival for his soundtrack on “Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer”, 2008 winner of the Seoul International Drama Awards for his music direction in “Ella Blue”, winner of the 2019 SAFTA Golden Horn awards for the score to the TV show “Fynskrif” and he is still well on his way to receiving more awards as he builds his successful career. It is always my hope that through film club we can show kids that there is more out there for the dreamers, thinkers and creatives. Film embodies so many different elements, it is almost impossible to not find a place within the industry for virtually anyone who loves and has a passion for it. Braam was a beautiful example of passion and talent. He shared his methodology and approach to ‘finding’ the right music for the piece. He revealed elements one has to look for that will then colour or characterize the music and he even shared a little secret with us about what he is working on next… but our lips are sealed! The learners really enjoyed the time we had with him. Braam still has so much to share and we hope he will find his way back to our little FC-family soon, to share more of his wisdom and zest for his craft. We also did a little session on the evolutionary role of fear in our lives and watched an interesting research talk on the genre of horror by Mathias Claasen, associate professor at Aarhus university. We discussed our own ideas about fear and the genre-sharing our views and opinions with the class. We then watched a very interesting 2005 short film called “Still Life” by director Jon Knautz. This 8-minute film is searchable via Youtube, for those of you who are curious, and it makes commentary on the level of involvement most people have with dangerous conflict: many would freeze as opposed to helping others in trouble. The juxtaposition between the first few minutes of the film, which leaves the viewer offguard, and the last minutes which really shock us out of our comfort zone – leaves us with important questions about our level of involvement in life too. We had a short term, but despite our film festival being cancelled due to loadshedding, we managed to host a film night where other students were also invited to join us in our love of film. We had a wonderful time and hope that we can once again host our film festival…just as soon as the world turns right-side-up again! We look forward to next term, when our members will (hopefully) be entering our annual film competition in the hopes of winning the R500 prize!